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My own name for the service is TOOS, This Outstanding Odds Service. If you want to find out TOOS formal name and domain address, You are able to TOSS Right here

This marvelous odds specialist (TOOS) was established in The year 2007 and presents great quality cross-market soccer sure bets, middles and Polish middles. Since its start up we have actually been watching their unique service, adding bookmakers, markets and filters, and boosting parsing calculations and arbitrage detection systems. As per today, they are the very best on the planet in my judgment.

Right now TOOS services provides pre-match and in-play football arbitrage upon the website, having as well launched a Windows utility especially for live arbing (TOOS surebet service InPlay application).

TOOS surebet Elements

TOOS gather odds by itself, without the need for third party vendors.
TOOS event matching method guarantees proving more or less all soccer tournaments, leagues and also events matched against each one bookmaker. TOOS target typically on soccer so that it can cover every single minor and major league, with a dependable team monitoring and working on the completeness of the coverage:

1X2 Corners
Double Chance
Over/Under Home
Over/Under Away
Over/Under Corners
Over/Under Home Corners
OverUnder Away Corners
Odd/Even Corners
Odd/Even Home
Odd/Even Away
CorrectScore (as UnderGoals)
AH (including DNB)
AH Corners

TOOS as well cover a large range of cross-market soccer surebets, middles and Polish middles. TOOS right now offer quite a lot of bookmakers for future events and a lot of bookmakers meant for in-play arbitrage. Regarding time periods, TOOS include 1st half, 2nd half, halftime plus fulltime for in-play arbitrage. TOOS cover fulltime with regard to prematch.

This refresh rate is just 1 second on the windows InPlay app. On the web site the refresh rate is 3 seconds for in-play along with 15 seconds for PreMatch, but they can be set up to greater values depending on each user’s preferences.

Along with arbitrage detection, TOOS service also provides odd comparing plus odd history. Customers can see the history of every odds, since first discovered from TOOS surebet service and the point in time of every change. Members are also able to comparing odds from different bookmakers, by simply clicking on the event picking the market of choice.

TOOS surebets service says it will prevent noticeable errors from actually being showed, having quite a few rules which find out these issues.

Visitors can set up an alarm that could sound whenever the arbitrage percentage is higher than a predefined value.

TOOS surebets service (the InPlay application particularly) provides a huge speed regarding parsing along with arbitrage generation and delivery. TOOS scan Asians and Pinnacle just about every single 15 seconds and do not miss to catch a market tendency that might produce an arbitrage. InPlay application scans every bookmaker within 1-3 second interval. These particular odds changes show up in odd track record

TOOS sure bet besides other Filters

Users can easily stipulate the minimum and also maximum arbitrage ratio. The lowest enabled arbitrage can be chosen from the following: -1%, 0%, 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% and 5%. The negative arbitrage are often used to just take advantage of bonus deals in addition to rapidly fulfilling rollover requires. The max allowed arbitrage can be chosen from: 0%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 7%, 10% and 100%. These kinds of limits allow to put a stop to palp errors. In the InPlay app limits are exactly the same, but customers could write any kind of value (rather than deciding from the list), as an example, a minimum of 1.5% plus a maximum of 300%

Middles and also Polish middles employ a probability value. The greater this value, the better (for middles) and the worst (for Polish middles). End users are able to set up the lowest probability (among 4 and 10) for Middles and the maximal probability (between 2 and 3.5) for Polish middles.

TOOS surebets provider can consider just about all attainable events or only the ones which will be played in 1, 2, 7 or A month. Because arbs, you don’t wish to hold your capital stuck on a bet for a long time therefore you could chose to display solely events for the upcoming 2 days.

In the arbitrage window, clients can dismiss the data they no longer want to see by filtering items, including specific odds, a particular match or even a complete league. Dismissed information and facts can be shown again by taking off the utilized filters.

The Windows InPlay app provides considerably more filter choices, for example the following:

Filtering events for any small period of time (1, 2 or 5 minutes).
Arbitrage result count (2, 3 or 4 legs)
Events at half time break
Events in which current score is draw
Minutes till half time break or ending of match are lower than given minutes
Odd pricing is lower than a specific value

TOOS simple point and click Customization

Members may target bookmakers to get used for pre-match arbitrage and in-play arbitrage. Bookmakers can be optional or mandatory. One example is, if you have your main bankroll with a specified bookmaker, you can make the decision to push this bookie for all arbs displayed (specify it as paramount) and also get away from other bookies as an option. InPlay app provides instant bookmaker filtering and allows predefining bookmaker filter sets.

Participants also can set up their specific time zone and select among the next various languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Swedish and Russian.

TOOS outstanding and easy to utilise Calculator

Every and every surebet, middle or Polish middle could very well be calculated by the built in calculator. Customers must specify the investment just for one of the bet legs (outcomes) and TOOS surebets system will calculate additional stakes, the arbitrage percentage, return on each bet and earnings (or the loss).
Typically the calculator will allow visitors to change the odds, but does not support various foreign currencies or commission rates. Non customers are limited to 1 hundred max stake.

TOOS Help support

Customer care may be got into contact with through e-mail and they provide a fast answer. TOOS surebets company has also a live chat spot for paying customers, visible for all visitors. Skype help and support is as well readily available.

TOOS contains numerous Subscriptions options

TOOS surebets specialist gives you Six subscription plans for each InPlay, PreMatch and Both. You may review TOSS Here